How do I sync a wallpaper to my Dropbox?

You have to connect to your Dropbox account to sync wallpapers to your Dropbox! Check the settings page, and make sure your Dropbox account is connected. If not, click the button on the settings page to connect to your Dropbox account.

Click the "Sync to Dropbox" icon then choose the path to sync.

That's it. If your Dropbox client is running, the wallpaper will be immediately synced to your Dropbox folder on your computer.

If your Dropbox client is not running, you can also be see the result on your web browser by visit your Dropbox web interface.

How do I upload wallpapers?

Like the download/sync action, you have to connect to your Dropbox account to upload wallpapers! When your Dropbox account is connected, there are two ways to upload wallpapers:

  • Use the Upload form, which limited the maximum file size to 10MB.
  • Upload wallpapers using Dropbox desktop application (client) without file size limit. Simply copy wallpapers to your folder, located in your Dropbox folder under Apps/ We will detect the changes and upload them automatically.

    To upload wallpapers, just paste them to the folder.

    If your Dropbox client is not running, you can also use your Dropbox web interface to upload wallpapers.

Don't be shy, just give it a try! :)

What wallpapers can I upload?

You should only upload a wallpaper if you are the copyright holder or if you have permission from the copyright holder to upload the wallpaper.

We accept JPG/JPEG and PNG wallpapers that are 1024x768px or greater. The wallpapers violate the TOS will be removed completely from the site.

Who owns the wallpapers?

The copyright holder owns the wallpaper and not We do not own any of the wallpapers, we simply host them and provide a service to easily share them.

How do I get my wallpapers removed?

If you hold the copyright for a wallpaper hosted on this site and want it removed. Contact us to have it removed. Please provide as much proof as possible of your copyright over the image.

How do I setup rotating wallpapers?

It will be different depending on your operating system, here are the instructions for some popular operating systems: